WikiCollectables is home to the collector's network of wiki-based websites. Collectors can share and trade with other collectors, worldwide.


E-mediawiki hosts the e-commerce version of Mediawiki. Software developers can share and trade code here.


E-wikidata hosts structured data for the WikiCollectables project. Pricing tables and article data can be hosted and maintained here.


Dev-Main is a web "portal", a quick access point, to the WikiCollectables development sites (websites used for testing code).


Dev-Wiki is the test site for E-Mediawiki code. Updates and features to e-commerce wikis can be confirmed here before going "live".


Dev-Escrow is the test site for WikiSafe. Enhancements for this automated escrow site can be tested here before going "live".

Phase One

WikiCollectables was created as a collaborative, e-commerce resource for collectors. This was done by creating custom extensions to MediaWiki, the popular open source wiki software. Concepts were designed in Photoshop and software development managed using the "waterfall" method (that is, a traditional gantt chart summarizing tasks over time). This first phase established proof-of-concept and a "beta" version.

Phase Two

WikiCollectables is moving to an "iterative" approach to it's development. Iterations of the software (versions 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 etc.) will circulate over time (see image at right). The code is shared on github, revised on e-mediawiki, tested on dev-wiki, then published to WikiCollectables.


The projects are structured on the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). The "front-end" is HTML and CSS. The e-commerce enhancements to Mediawiki are open source and available for download. The automated e-commerce site, WikiSafe, is proprietary.